How Can A Good Golf Bag Help You Play Better?

Seems a stupid question, however using a golf bag that fits your style of play will make the game more enjoyable and if you enjoy your game more, you will generally better play. In recent years there have been great improvements in the way golf bags are made, the materials from which they are made from, to the durability of these materials. The styles or types of golf bags has also evolved.

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Consider the Sunday golf bag, it is generally expected to support a restricted assortment of golf clubs and equipment, it is meant to be transported and usually for a quick 9 holes, maybe even on an executive function or by 3 Courses. They have been around for a while they are usually constructed of lightweight nylon and usually are not designed to perform a complete series of clubs.

The typical carrying bag has evolved so much that achieving your own complete series of clubs by becoming much more popular. The lightweight ballistic nylon materials used to make most of these bags keep the weight down, and the new 2 shoulder strap systems proceed to distribute the weight evenly on the back and shoulders, and make it very easy to take and put down. Many of them also have spring retractable legs that are common on bag’s stand. Will conduct a full set of 14 clubs.

The stand bag, so named because of lightness, a spring, and retractable legs that stretch automatically when you adjust the bag. This feature allows quick access to your clubs at a natural angle without bending. Stand bags are constructed with lightweight materials and designed to be transported. Will conduct a full set of 14 clubs.

Grandpa of golf bags, the personal bag is always available and is really meant to be carried by a shopping cart. These bags are heavy usually made of heavier materials. These are the bags to see on the tour and are made to carry everything you think you might need during your tour, in addition to balls, extra towels, in addition to gloves, snacks, water, and your golf clubs. Fully loaded they can weight to 40-70 pounds.

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A relatively recent innovation is the trolley bag. These are usually a little larger than the typical carry or bag stand, which makes them a bit difficult to achieve for more than a short distance. They are designed for use with a trolley, either a push, pull or a trolley. They have many pockets, most of which are accessible without removing the bag from the cart. These bags will carry the complete 14 Club series.

Having a junior golf player in the group? The Junior Bag is a lightweight bag and just the right size to be carried by the young golfer from 5 years old till early teens. They will perform together typical junior of 5-8 clubs.

There are also many new and old features you should look for when purchasing a golf bag.

  • A divided main club compartment, the divisors will help you organize and protect your clubs from any damage.
  • One outside main tube putter compartment, convenient for quick access.
  • A place to carry your umbrella.
  • A golf glove hook or wink.
  • A padded pocket valuables.
  • Removable cap.
  • And do not forget that you can never have enough pockets!
  • Golf bags even have their own accessories items.
  • Clear canopy rain that allows easy viewing and access to clubs while keeping the bag dry.
  • Umbrella stand that attaches to the suitcase.
  • Mug or a different drink many holders.
  • Beverage storage tubs that will accommodate a six-year pack.
  • Other umbrella formats specifically designed to cover your clubs.
  • Detachable shoes and sports bags.
  • Travel covers, you can choose to compress nylon bags to hard shell club on wheels, all designed to hold your sticks together and offer a degree of protection.

Now that you are perfectly armed with information, access your pro shop, sports shop, online shopping. Prices range from less than $ 100 to over $ 1,000. You should be able to find a bag with the logo and colors of the manufacturer of your favorite club, your favorite sports team, or even have your own name on it. Just be sure to look for the golf bag that fits your style of play, and you may see an improvement in your game!

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