The Right Golf Clubs For Beginner

Beginners in the golf course probably do not ask as often as after the first selection of golf clubs. What are the right golf clubs for beginners?Unfortunately the answers are often unsatisfactory, even from professional mouths, because they say that for the beginners, cheap clubs are sufficient. They give the beginners the feeling that they should buy as many bats for as little money as possible.

However, it is precisely for those people who take their first steps in golf that quality is indispensable.

When is a golf club suitable for beginners?

best golf bag

In the case of golfers, it is therefore important to pay attention to a number of criteria, especially for beginners, with everything under the motto:The manufacturing quality has a decisive influence on the learning success of the beginners.

Because different clubs have different golfers as target groups.If you start with wrong bats, they may behave differently than higher-quality, fitting models.The wrong material can complicate and slow down the learning process in the long term.

Essential factors for the quality of the racquets are many factors: the effective weight of the individual components of the racquet, the alignment of the shaft, the geometry (length, lie, loft), the fitting of the golf club set and finally the material of the racquets.

The bat head should be made of carbon, stainless steel or titanium. The material of the shank is sometimes differentiated by gender: women generally manage with graphite bats very well, while men, depending on the speed, can also put on steel shafts. There are also bi-matrix variants that combine both materials.In the case of the handle, the material is generally secondary: from textile to rubber, almost everything goes. What is crucial is that the player feels comfortable with the grip of the golf clubs.

Check list Golf equipment

Bat Hcp 54-36 Hcp 36-25 Hcp 25-14 Hcp 14-0
Putter Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lob Wedge No No Maybe Yes
Sand wedge Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gap Wedge No Maybe Yes Yes
P- Wedge Yes Yes Yes Yes
Iron 9 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Iron 8 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Iron 7 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Iron 6 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Iron 5 Maybe Yes Yes Yes
Iron 4 No Maybe Yes Yes
Iron 3 No No Maybe Maybe
Iron 2 No No Maybe Maybe
Hybrid No Maybe Maybe Yes
Wood 9 Maybe Yes Maybe Maybe
Wood 7 Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe
Wood 5 Yes Yes Yes Maybe
Wood 3 Maybe Maybe Maybe Yes
Driver Maybe Yes Yes Yes
Total: 8 thugs 11 thugs 12 thugs 14 thugs

 Conclusion: Even beginners need quality in the golf bag

Beginners are often tempted to save money with the golf set. But this is the wrong way, if the quality of the thugs is saved. Just beginners need a high quality for a good, first learning success.

That’s why:Better first buy less rackets, but high quality.It depends on the material as well as the coordination of the racquets. Do not miss the first golf club set of the putter as well as some irons such as 7,8 & 9.You will find tips, recommendations and important notes on all types of beaters in the following guides.

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