Review 2017 Combat Maxum BBCOR – Best  BBCOR baseball bat 2017 

It’s a common thing when an Easton or DeMarini baseball bat is in the top list of best baseball bats of the year. However, the fact that the 2017 Combat Maxum BBCOR has received numerous praises for its performance and been chosen by many players as the best BBCOR bat of 2017 has surprised people. In fact, no one can deny its surprisingly good quality.


The 2017 Combat Maxum BBCOR is available in many sizes ranging from 30 to 34 inches in length and corresponding 27 to 31 ounces in weight. Its barrel’s diameter is 2 5/8 inches, one of the biggest in the market. Each size is differentiated by color code. Besides, this bat is BBCOR certified, so it could fit most of high school and collegiate players.



This bat is a balanced composite one-piece bat. However, Combat has unconventional way ofcreating the composite bat. While other composite bats are constructed from many layers of composite material, Combat uses a special technology called PMT (Precision Molding Technology) which injects high-quality resin substance to each carbon fiber under pressure. This technology has play important role in enhancing performance and durability of the product.


Combat Maxum series are famous for large sweet spot as well as light swing weight. And in fact, there is no composite bat in the market at the moment could beat 2017 Combat Maxum BBCOR in these 2 aspects.

It is reported that the sweet spot of Combat Maxum is 20-40% bigger than other bats. With this enormous sweet spot, players would have better contact with the ball and of course more confident hit.

Furthermore, thanks to the special design and construction, the swing weight is reduced considerable. A measurement even shows that the swing weight of this bat is less than of others by 38%. Due to this light swing weight, swing speed is boosted significantly.


In the 2017 Combat Maxum BBCOR, weight is evenly distributed, so players always feel confident and easy to control the bat.

The comfort level of the bat is added by the Lizard Skins Grip technology. Its grip is slip resistant and always brings firm yet comfortable grasp to players. In addition, this well-made grip also helps to reduce vibration which is a common problem of one-piece composite bat.


As a full composite bat, there are many concerns for its durability as well as its performance under cold weather. However, the PMT technology mentioned above could erase all of those concerns. Besides, Combat even confidently offers 500-day warranty to assure its customers of the bat’s durability.


It’s obvious that with good performance, the price of the 2017 Combat Maxum BBCOR is not at lower side of average price. However, a lot of players are willing to pay for it and its selling power is even beyond Combat’s expectation; they are sold out in many stores and some sizes are not available. This is the most convincing proof that its quality is definitely worth the price.

Combat did step up the game to compete with bigger manufacturers like Easton or DeMarini by introducing the 2017 Combat Maxum BBCOR. Its quality is so amazing that it quickly becomes one of the best BBCOR bats of 2017. It is a good recommendation for any players who are looking for new BBCOR bat.

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