Top USSSA Slow Pitch Softball Bats 2017

It’s crucial for a slow pitch softball player to choose the right bat. It’s even more challenging for them to select a good bat if they are going to participate in major leagues which are managed by USSSA because they need to follow strictly guidelines and regulations regarding softball bat. Fortunately, every year, experts and experienced players have picked the list of top USSSA slow pitch softball bats to offer players some good recommendations and help them shorten decision making process.

Miken Psycho SuperMax USSSA Slow Pitch Softball Bat

Miken Psycho Supermax USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat

Being one of the most expensive bats in the market, Miken slowpitch bats are packed with great features to maximize its performance. Firstly, 2017 Miken Psycho SuperMax is a 2 piece composite bat with standard 2.25 inch barrel. Even the composite material used to make this bat is premium aerospace-grade carbon fiber. This type of composite can create amazing performance as well as great durability. In addition, the Triple Matrix Core technology brings the Miken Psycho SuperMax the best durability out of all other softball bats in the market.

Aside from durability, Miken Psycho SuperMax also can satisfy any power hitter because the SuperMax end load can help to generate more power and produce very strong hit. The most noticeable drawback of this bat is its price but it is understandable considering the amount of technology which Miken has poured in to the 2017 Psycho SuperMax.

Louisville Slugger Z4 Slowpitch Softball Bat ASA USSSA

Louisville Slugger Z4 USSSA Balanced Softball Bat

Louisville Slugger Z4 is a composite bat with 12-inch long and 2.25 inch diameter barrel, this standard size fits most of players. Regarding construction, the barrel and handleof Z4 are connected by a rubber insert, so basically Louisville Slugger Z4 is a 3-piece bat. This rubber insert which is a part of TRU3 technology has played a significant role in transferring energy effectively and reducing sting. In addition, the gritty finish of the bat together with S1iD barrel technology help maximize trampoline effect and hence, produce great pop and send the ball to farther distance. Besides, Louisville Slugger Z4 bats are available in 2 versions: end-loaded and balanced, so anyone can find a suitable bat for their requirements and playing styles. Lastly, the competitive price point of this bat makes it more appealing.

DeMarini SF8 Slow pitch Softball Bat ASA USSSA WTDXSF8-16

DeMarini SF8 Slow Pitch Softball Bat

It wouldn’t be a complete list of top softball bats of any year if there is no candidate from DeMarini, the biggest bat maker in the market. In the field of USSSA slow pitch softball bat, 2016 DeMarini SF8 has received plenty of compliments from players. While Louisville Slugger Z4 has both end loaded and balanced version, 2016 DeMarini SF8 is an end-loaded bat which targets powerful hitters. Regarding construction, 2016 DeMarini SF8 is a hybrid bat with composite handle and 13 inch long, 2.25 inch diameter alloy barrel. Since this bat is designed to target powerful hitters, it has many great features to create more powerful hit. Firstly, the Bid D End cap can enhance end load and increase the amount of energy created from contact. On top of that, the barrel of DeMarini SF8 is double wall one, so it can multiply trampoline effect and create amazing pop. DeMarini CF8 is sold at 120 USD, a quite reasonable price for this high performance.

The above mentioned bat is picked as the best performing USSSA Slow pitch Soft ball bats in 2016. There are several other good bats in the market but it would be safer for you to choose products from well-known bat makers because they have enough experience and know-howsto create the products that can meet your requirements.

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